You’re infinite. Don’t limit yourself

You have an inner identity. The essence of you. The core of you. That identity is hidden. No one knows it. Not even you know it fully. We are all actors in this life and in every second of it, we act and express ourselves by projecting this core persona in several aspects. All of this projected personas are direct descendants from the core. Mostly they’re very similar to one another.

You use a persona to interact with your parents. Another persona to interact with your S.O. Another to interact with your children. Another to…

Drink your Tea!

For me, The Mentalist is special particularly because of Patrick Jane (Simon Baker), in short, “PJ”’s behavior. It left a deep impression in me. It’s one of the best written, and acted, characters of all time. Mr. Simon Baker did the work of a lifetime. “PJ” as a person wasn’t perfect by any means. But I think he gave us some important lessons of behavior that can pass unnoticed by some. These are either things he did all the time or things that I was inspired to do after seeing his behavior:

  • Don’t be sorry about yourself. Be confident. Don’t…

When we are children we are like a blank canvas. Everything is new to us. The possibilities are endless. We can do anything. We have no doubts in our minds of that fact. All our reactions are absolutely genuine. There’s no memories to affect them and distort them. Because we have none.

As we get older, that mental canvas gets filled. So many things. So many experiences that we accumulate during our lives. Good and bad, we think. We look at this canvas and say: That is me. That is my Self.

That canvas is filled by memories. And then…

Image by Karin Henseler from Pixabay

Recently I’ve been talking to myself. Alone, at home.

What started as a, I must say, quite ingenious way of me practicing my English speaking skills has evolved to something else. Something more.

These days of isolation have hit us hard, in varying degrees. When this is over, we’ll all be changed forever. One way or another.

Being alone and not interacting that much with anyone, compels you to look to yourself in strange ways. You either care for yourself more, and pay attention, or things can get even harder.

I do a lot of things each day. Exercise, Yoga…

Image by jenszygar from Pixabay

We all live immersed in a series of illusions that prevent our growth. Perhaps the greatest illusion is the concept of separation. Duality. That everything in the world is divided, separated. I’m separated from you. You’re separated from me. I am separated from the world, etc.

Christianity, (and many other religions), says there is a Material world and a “paradise“. But you can’t get to paradise alone. Salvation comes from outside. Meanwhile, scientific materialism says that all that exists is the material world. Out of it? There is nothing. Whoever says otherwise is crazy or deluded. …

Image by Jérémie Perron from Pixabay

Life consists of endless doors. Opportunity doors. Every door you open triggers an effect, a result in your life, positive or negative. If we spend our entire lives without opening any doors, nothing positive and/or new will happen to us.

But what does it mean to open a door? The doors of opportunity are opened from actions we take, or thoughts we nurture in our minds.
The greater the potential of good, to bring something positive to our lives, the harder it is to open the door. …

Everything is great, but nobody is happy.

Photo by Brady Bellini on Unsplash

Very often we look at the past so that we can understand the present. There was a time, long ago, and not so long ago, in which almost everything we take for granted today was much harder to obtain. Money, Health-Care, Friends, Sex, Entertainment… Freedom. Oppression and dictatorial governments dominated (still do ?) in several countries, people couldn’t freely express themselves in fear of being taken by “Them”. Those that did were called “subversives”. But “Them” covered the world in shadows born out of ignorance and delusions of grandeur…

And so it was…

These days I was lurking at the reddit /r/gamedev subreddit as always and a question got my attention: Why hasn’t browser-based 3D become wildly popular?

Well, here’s what i’ve posted in return, which expresses my feelings about my beloved and hated HTML5 techs ( Lots of HTML5 rants these days :) ):

The technology is amazing and more than capable. The “problem” is the platform. The browser is not really suitable for every kind of content as people thought before.

What we are seeing now is a split between web technologies on the browser and off browser or free from…

Rafael Vasco

What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.

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